Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Despite the agonizing defeat of the Vols last night, I'm going to try my best to put together a blog post of some substance. So, if you don't feel like you've learned anything from this one, please chalk it up to my disgruntled emotions! I'm the kind of guy that if you tell me to do something, I need to know what criteria lead to its completion. In sports, I knew that I played until the final batter was out, or the clock ran out of time. In school, when I turned in the my final paper or test, I knew I was done for the semester. I need something to work towards, what the military and many other circles calls an "end state."

When I first found out I was going to be deploying here for the rest of the year, I was told that 15 January would be the completion of this deployment and we would be back home. However, due to some circumstances that have befallen our unit and the one replacing us, there is a possibility that we may be going home earlier than expected. As a result, rumors abound as to when this might happen.

Although I cannot say for sure if and when this might take place, all I can say is that such a topic is almost inevitably discussed among the many circles I come across. Soldiers asking if I've heard any new information, peers telling me what they heard someone else say about a meeting they went to, etc. If you've been here for while, or more than once, your mind starts to ponder the many things you aspire to do when you get home. All the things you want to do with your friends and family to make up for the lost time. It's almost enough to drive you to the point of exhaustion.

So, if you're wondering what might consume that thoughts of a soldier in my brigade everyday, now you have it. I was at a promotion ceremony yesterday and the Troop First Sergeant (1SG) said, "I've heard rumors that we're going home in November, December and January," he said in his loud, booming voice. "I can tell you this....we will definitely be going home in either November, December, or January." There you have it folks, the very words of a old Army sage. Take care.


Anonymous said...

it was great to see Leslie this weekend. i think and pray for you guys often. man i hope you come home in November. wouldn't that be great. take care


[w] said...

if you do come home, you better let me know as soon as you get word (and after you tell leslie).

i think about you often. hunter and i are waiting for your return. i hope to see you soon bro.