Thursday, September 18, 2008

Show Me The Money!!!

I know you're all picturing of Cuba Gooding Jr. doing his little dance right now, but these are the only ones that come to mind when thinking about the contractors. The following is not intended to be a direct attack on them, as there are many who are honorably serving their country in a manner that few are willing to do; yet, I cannot help but notice that the single greatest factor for their presence here revolves around the dollar.
Get on the internet and search for a civilian contractor job in Iraq and you're bound to see an assortment of different positions, with almost all of them boasting the salary being offered. It's not hard to understand why people will travel halfway across the world to double, or even triple their annual income. In virtually all cases, civilians do not go outside the wire, and instead work in environments parallel to what you work in back in the States. As a result, it's easy to see why so many different types of people work here.
During what I like to call 20th century warfare, civilians on the battlefield was pretty rare. When it comes to aspects of daily life, if you need to eat, buy something, or go to the restroom, soldiers were the ones responsible of the maintenance and supply of such goods and services. Not anymore!
If you think about it, we used to pay PV2 Snuffy a little more than minimum wage to serve food to the soldiers, or clean up after them; but not we're paying a foreign national to do that, and American civilian Mr. Snuffy is the supervisor. Sounds like a better use of the Soldier's time, right? Yes, but what about the money that we're paying these foreign nationals and Mr. Snuffy? Remember those civilian jobs boasting six figure salaries for one year's work? That's YOUR money. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, your tax dollars are paying civilians on the battlefield. However, we're not paying Mr. Snuffy the same amount as we paid PV2 Snuffy. We're paying BILLIONS of dollars to contracting companies who are employing foreign nationals for what you and I would consider an insult by American standards. Those American "supervisors" are raking in a decent amount, but the real golden egg lays at the top.
So, the next time you see an advertisement for a receptionist in Iraq making $120,000 for 1 year, that's what your tax dollars are funding! Take care....but, I'm not done yet!

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