Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Paul and Laura

Most of you probably know that this past Sunday was the Emmy Awards. I've never been a big fan of watching awards shows in general, but I like to see the results. It's kind of like the box score of a ball game; you don't have to watch any of it to see who was hot, and who was not.
I mentioned in an earlier post that my friend Barrett sent me the John Adams miniseries and I must say that all of it was incredible. The writing, the acting, the directing, the cinematography, everything about it was top notch. Well, I'm obviously not the only one who thought this, as John Adams received three Emmys (that I know of) for best writing, best lead actor and best lead actress. Paul Giamatti got Best Actor in a Miniseries for his role as John Adams. Having been a fan of a lot of his work, he did a remarkable job with portraying our second President. Although Adams is seen throughout American history as unsuccessful and largely unimportant, the reality is that he played an intricate role in the establishment of our nation. If John and Abigail were truly the "one flesh" this series portrays, it would be hard to give Giamatti the honor and neglect Laura Linney's performance. There was a line in series by Thomas Jefferson, who stated that Abigail's opinions are thought to inform her husband's every decision. If this is the case, Linney's portrayal as Adams' better half is nothing short of remarkable and both actors are worthy of their honors.
Having spend two blog posts lauding this incredible work of cinematic art, I hope I've enticed you to watch the miniseries (if you haven't already), or at least provoked you to start learning more about that time in our nation's history. Many argue that these chain of events altered the course of history in a way never seen before, and probably never again. Regardless, I think the whole Adams miniseries crew deserve our respect and admiration. However, we cannot forget the "brains" behind the entire operation...the guy that wrote the book (David McCullough)!
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