Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Cool Breeze

Just as many of you have been feeling the cooling effects of fall approaching, I too am experiencing a drop in temperature. Although it's not as dramatic as back in the States, things are beginning to cool off a little and it's making the days a little more bearable.
Despite officially going back to the day schedule on 1 Oct, my soldiers spent this past week working during the day in an attempt to establish a structure that suits both those we are supporting and ourselves. This drop in temperature has made it a little easier to accommodate such a change; yet, there is still a fair amount of heat consuming the middle part of the day.
Unlike back home, where we've all gotten used to daylight savings time, the rest of the world doesn't really adhere to this policy, so the sun is starting to rise and set earlier than when I first arrived. By around 0530, the sun begins to peak its head over the horizon, so as to provide some light for those units doing their morning PT. I on the other hand, do mine in the early evening, when the sun begins to set around 1730. The bulk of the day consists of temperatures in and around 95-100 degrees, but it's a welcomed relief from the 125-130 degrees we experienced less than a few weeks ago.
Don't get me wrong, we're still sweating pretty much all day long, but at least there's a breeze to keep us cool. The big, hard sun won't let us forget where we are, but there a few times where you can "feel" autumn, in all its splendor. In a few more weeks, I should be breaking out a fleece to keep me warm on my way to and from the motor pool, but I'll believe it when I FEEL it. Hope you are enjoying the fall, and please send me some pictures of the leaves if you get a chance!Take care.

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Anonymous said...

Trust me...by the end of Oct you'll be wearing sweat pants and shirt and it'll be a frigid 70 degress outside. Enjoy it!