Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Good Ole' Rocky Top!

Since starting this blog, I have been very hesitant to post any pictures, for fear of publishing anything close to being considered classified; however, I can't containment myself any longer. The reason being that I recently received a care package from my former co-workers at the University's Career Services Department. It was filled with various UT paraphernalia, and I just couldn't wait for everyone to see what my office looks like. Shortly after arriving here, I asked my wife to send me a UT flag to hang in my office. Now, it is accompanied by an array of other accessories, largely provided by my co-workers. I received two football posters, with the upcoming season's schedule; an autographed copy of UT basketball star Dane Bradshaw's book "Vertical Leap"; two large bags of UT dinner mints (buttermint cream); a Lady Vols bumpersticker; numerous UT Career Services note pads and pens, as well as a Career Services mousepad; a nice little Smoky figurine for my desk; a picture of them with Smoky; and several letters of support from them, which had some pictures of their various summer excursions. They also managed to include several issues of Golf Digest, to feed my pseudo-addiction to the sport! Let me tell ya, as soon as I opened the package and saw all of this stuff, I belted the chorus of "Rocky Top". I almost started to tear up with joy; however, I quickly had to suppress it for fear that one of my soldiers might walk in and see me! Gotta keep a strong demeanor in front of them! I would just like to thank all of those who participated in this glorious gift. I thought I heard angels singing as I was putting all this stuff up on the walls! It's so good to get a little piece of home when you're out here and these wonderful people pulled out all of the stops. I am very grateful for all that you have done and cannot wait to show this to my Company First Sergeant, who just so happens to be a HUGE Alabama fan! ROCKY TOP, YOU'LL ALWAYS BE HOME, SWEET HOME TO ME!!!! Take care.


Anonymous said...

Just reminding you that I love you and am praying for you. I have been reading your blogs when I get the chance and love knowing that you're doing ok. It makes me thankful for home.
Right now I'm in TX. Although it's not 120, it's hot enough for me (11 straight days above 100. It is 107 right now)! I've been running each day and thinking of you my friend! "I'm a wimp!" I tell myself as I sweat and gasp.
I appreciate you bro. Stay safe. Go Vols (and Eagles)!

Our Princess said...

That's great! We're getting ready to head semi-close to your way! We're coming to Ethiopia in 11 days to get our new daughter. I just went to Hound Dogs today to pick up some paraphenilia from God's country to take over! Take care & know you're in our prayers!