Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Well, yesterday I finally finished my monthly Sensitive Items Inventory and I must say that it's a relief to finally get that off my plate. However, now I'm on to another additional duty, one that has a little more relevance to my job. Despite being an Ordnance (Maintenance) officer, the Army is in the process of "merging" three officer branches into one upon completing the Captain's Career Course. Quartermaster (Supply) and Transportation (self explanatory) officers, along with Ordnance officers, are now becoming the Multifunctional Logistitians; however, the only real change is in the name. Officers in each of these branches are already interchangeable at the 2LT level. As a result, along with being the Squadron Maintenance Officer, I will now lead the Combat Replenishment Operations (CRO) once or twice a week.

What does this entail? Well, I am in charge of the convoy that takes all the daily supplies out to the JSS's; not a very difficult task, but still somewhat time consuming. Moreover, this means going out into our AO, where the bad buys live and seek to attack us. Last week, my driver looked at me while on the road and said, "See that big hole in the bridge right there? That's where an IED hit my truck back in March."

So, throughout this whole adventure, I am taking on a plethora of different responsibilities and virtually none of them I have had any previous training on; but I guess learning and doing go hand in hand at times. Mom was right, you can't learn to swim unless you get in the water! Take care.

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