Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Taking the Reigns

Well, yesterday was a successful day. I led my first convoy and had very little, if any, problems taking on these responsibilities. The truth is that there is very little that I need to do, primarily since these soldiers have been doing the EXACT SAME THING everyday for the past 10 months! With the exception of the order we visit the JSS's and the types of supplies we take, the order of events is so systematic and routinized that most of the soldiers could do it themselves, and probably be better at it than me. However, when it comes to manages a crisis (God forbid), that's when the real test comes. While some individuals are naturally equipped with the reactionary measures needed to handle unforeseen circumstances, most of the training that I have been undergoing for the past year focuses on such an instance. Moreover, these events are what usually distinguishes the good soldiers from the bad.

Today Alan, the distribution platoon leader leaves for his R&R leave and this will open up more days that I will be responsible for leading the daily convoys. It's something I'm finding myself enjoying, mainly because it gets me out of the office and interacting with other soldiers. Yet, I still enjoy days like today, when I have some down time and can just relax. I often find myself thinking about how everyone is doing back home, especially with the changing of the seasons. I'm sure if I were back home, I'd smell College Football in the air! GO BIG ORANGE!!!!!!Hope your week is going well and take care during this upcoming holiday weekend.


Anonymous said...

JC, you're killing all of us civilians with the abbreviations! You might be a grunt when your friends need a secret decoder ring to figure out what you're saying.
Love you bro!
I must admit, I feel a little nervous when I read that you're out leading convoys. I'm sure all is well and you get a little relief from the monotony, but I'd just prefer that you be bored...and safe. Sorry!
Married Life Live (or should I say, MLL) is coming soon. It won't be the same without our zany host (ZH).
Things are going great at church (PC). We also miss your lovely wife (LC).
On the sports front (SF), the Eagles (CN) just beat Concord 56-7. That's a great start (GS)! You may be able to get the games on Oh, and the Pats (JCHS) play Morristown West (PUNKS) tomorrow. I know you'll keep them in your prayers.
Ok, that's enough (TE). Arrgh! I can't stop!

Anonymous said...

Correction...CN 77, Concord 14. Just wanting to be accurate!