Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Prayer Request

I have mentioned to you before Karl, one of the other new LT's assigned to my unit. We met a couple of weeks after arriving on post and went through training and traveling together before parting ways a few days after signing into the unit. We were a couple of pretty tight battle buddies there for a while, but he's out at one of the JSS's serving as a Platoon Leader.Well, the other day Karl's appendix ruptured and he had to have emergency surgery. I saw him just before it happened and he was not feeling good at all. He could barely stand up straight and said he didn't even have enough strength to put his boots on in the morning. He couldn't keep anything in his system and just sitting up in bed was painful. The worst part is that his wife of just over 7 months hasn't been able to get a lot of information on his status, as of late. He's called her a couple of times, but the time in between has been rough because she doesn't know what is going on with him. His leadership hasn't provided her with many updates or given her a complete synopsis of the surgery and how long it will take him to recover.I couldn't imagine having to deal with a ruptured appendix, or be over here in a combat zone and have it happen!!! I ask that all you please keep Karl and his wife Carly in your prayers. Lord willing, he'll be fine in the long run, but there is no escaping the fact that this is not the most opportune time to have this happen. Thanks and take care.

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Our Princess said...

We'll be praying & we're continuing to pray for you & check in on you.