Thursday, August 28, 2008

Johnny Boy!

Recently my friend Barrett, a former Marine and kindred spirit in all things patriotic, sent me one of the most wonderful gifts...the John Adams miniseries from HBO!!! I absolutely love it! I'm almost halfway through with it and I get chills every time the opening credits come on. Throughout my time studying the foundation of our great nation, I've envisioned what things must have been like back then and how the MEN, not the LEGENDS, interacted with one another. It is such a marvelous production and one I think accurate represents the "chain of events" that led to the creation and establishment of our nation and governmental structure. So much of our formal education regarding this time in history has become somewhat of a fairytale. It's almost as if our founding fathers were these larger than life characters who fought for our independence and magically created what we know today as the Constitution. At times, I've related it to the princess kissing the frog and POOF, he instantly becomes a tall, dark and handsome prince.
In truth, this is far from reality and this miniseries captures the internal and external struggles of all the men that played an intricate role in this grand process. I like to tell people that one of my ideas of heaven is being able to watch the history of the world on a huge big screen tv as if it were a re-run on TV Land; but, I might just be able to skip this part because the miniseries seems to mirror reality.
In short, I highly recommend this miniseries and I am tremendously indebted to my distinguished colleague from the great state of Tennessee! Thanks, brother. You're a good friend and great Patriot!Take care.

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