Friday, October 31, 2008

The Rainy Season

Well, despite all those prayers for no rain over here, I'm afraid to say that we're officially in this region's rainy season. Everyone who was here last fall said it didn't come this early, as it wasn't until mid to late November that this place turned into a huge mud pit, but it looks like mother nature sent her wrath a month early.
Coming from East Tennessee, I'm pretty accustomed to inclement weather. I remember wearing shorts and a t-shirt during baseball practice just before final exams in December during my sophomore year of college. I also remember the blizzard of '94 that occurred just after I started "Spring Break". The weather in ET is so unpredictable to people going to UT games usually bring a raincoat, sweater, sunscreen and a handheld fan! However, I would take that daily uncertainty anytime over the weather here.
Case in point, I woke up this morning and the ground looked like it had rained overnight. I couldn't be completely sure because when the dew falls here, it also looks like it just rained. I KNEW it had rained on my way to the DFAC because my boots were covered in mud before I even got out of the motor pool. Luckily, the sun was up and it didn't look as though it was going to rain again, at least not anytime soon. Around 0830, the sky was filled with storm clouds; however, about 15 minutes later they were gone. The temperature, on the other hand, had dropped about 10 degrees (which was actually a nice relief). By lunchtime, it was again pretty cloudy and spitting rain. It wasn't until around 1530 (330pm) that the clouds broke and the sun began to shine down.
In short, dealing with the rain and mud will be a constant battle from now until I leave. Does it bother me? A little. Yet, there's nothing that can break my will of getting home to see my friends and family next month. If this is what I have to endure in order to get home to them, then Jesus, bring the rain...and the mud.
Take care.

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