Friday, October 17, 2008

Armed Forces Network

I'm somewhat ashamed to say this, but the truth is that I love to watch television. I don't think you could categorize me as a couch potato (all the time), but most of my evenings are spent in front of the tube watching Prime time shows or ball games. The wife and I do a pretty good job of staying active and not wasting our day away on the couch, but there are specific times each week that we're in front of the television. However, those times are NEVER during our meals.
Unfortunately, while here in Iraq, I have only been able to watch television DURING my meals. It's the only time I'm around the tube, and even then I'm probably watching it in 30 minute intervals. The DFAC I go to regularly has some pretty nice big screen televisions that broadcast various events via Armed Forces Network (AFN). AFN consists of a dozen or so channels that one is likely to get back home, including, you guessed it, ESPN!!! Despite only getting a few times a day to stare at the big box, I've been able to keep up with all the major sporting events. For instance, this morning I got to watch the tail-end of the ALCS Game 5. I saw in real time J.D. Drew's winning hit that sent the series back down to Tampa Bay. At dinner every Sunday, I'm able to watch the first few plays of an NFL game, and the watch the highlights of them at breakfast the next morning.
Although I do get a chance to stay up to date on all the big games, it still doesn't compare to those calm, relaxing weekends where I can just hang out all day and watch football, even if the Vols are losing!
Take care.

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katie said...

hey jesse! i just wanted to tell you that i thought about you alot this weekend! i went to homecoming at MC. they had an alumni baseball game...i didn't even want to watch because i knew the one person i would actually like to see was in iraq! it made me miss you and leslie alot and the good ole days of sitting under the tree watching you play. glad you're doing ok. take care!