Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pray It Doesn't Rain Anymore!!!

Ok, I know a while back I mentioned how long it had been since I'd seen rain, and the refreshment I felt after a brief downpour we experienced. Well, I take back any desire I've had for it to rain over here, and for very good reasons.
Yesterday morning, I woke up to a nice, cool overcast day. I don't think it had been this cool since I got here, and not having the sun beating down on me during my walk to the DFAC for breakfast was quite a relief. Around 1130, one of my soldiers asked if I wanted to participate in a friendly game of motor pool baseball (pretty self-explanatory). I accepted the offer and after finishing up an email, I proceeded to walk out of my office/bedroom (we had to move out of our trailers so KBR could clean it for the incoming unit). At that time, the rain began to fall. It did so for only about 20 minutes and after it dissipated, we began our game. After playing for an hour, we finished up just in time for lunch, at which time it began to rain again. I'm not talking about a monsoon or anything of the sort, just a steady flow of rain; but the amount of water that was collecting on the dirt (now mud) roads was shocking! The entire post turned into one big sloppy mud pit in matter of an hour!
Now, I'm no agriculturally savvy individual, but one would think that such a dry climate would be able to retain an average amount of rainfall, but I'm convinced hardly any of this rain permeated the ground. It just sat on the surface and mixed with the dirt to form a thick layer of mud. As much as I've complained about having to walk on top of gravel, I was begging for a patch of gravel to walk on and at least knock of ridiculously large amount of mud on my boots. It was even worse when I had to walk to the shower trailer because now my only pair of running shoes was getting caked with mud clumps that couldn't be shaken off. It practically negated me taking a shower because I was kicking mud up on the back of my legs the entire way back!
So, if any of you were praying for me to enjoy that nice, cool rain that you've been experiencing lately, STOP IT!!!! The last thing we need here is more rain, especially since we're about to start having our equipment inspected for dirt and mud! Rain, rain go away and come again when I'm back at Fort Campbell and don't have anything to do, but sit in my living room and watch TV!Take care.

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