Monday, July 7, 2008

Gettin' My OIF On!

Well, I have officially become a member of Operation Iraqi Freedom. I flew on a C130, which had some parachutes hanging from a rack in case we were to get shot down, and after a rollercoaster ride our pilot took us on as he strategically flew over much of Iraq, we landed at Baghdad International Airport in the dark of night.... because our plane got delayed for 8 hours.
Sorry, but I can't say that I had some high speed, stealth-mode entrance into the War zone. It was pretty uneventful for the most part, but we were fortunate enough to get here safely.
I spent much of my first day in-processing with both the Brigade and the Squadron, but things turned dicey when I was told that I would be going with the Squadron Commander out into our Area of Operations for the next several days to observe our unit's overall tactics, techniques and procedures, otherwise known as TTP's.
So, for the first part of my journey, I will get acclimated to our theatre of operations, while at the same time learning very little about what I am personally going to be doing throughout my time here. In other words, I don't get to start my actual job and meet my most of my soldiers for at least another 10 days! Kind of a bummer because I was hoping to hit the ground running. Instead, I'm hitting the ground and then taking off again, unsure of when I'll return.
Can't be all that bad, though. I'm going to learn A LOT about what's been going on since the unit's been on the ground and what to expect for the rest of the time we're here. So, I've got my pen, a notebook, coffee of course, and an eager willingness to find out how best to not get killed! Sorry, but I had to through that in!
Take care.

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April Dunn said...

You're doing what, driving around for 10 days??? Come on. Well, enjoy yourself and when you get back you tell them your BIG sister said you're not allowed to leave the base anymore! Got it!
Today we started Mrs. Mildred, Parker cried when we got there... b/c she didn't get to go first! What a diff a year makes!