Saturday, February 28, 2009

On My Own

With the hectic-ness of work increasing, it's becoming more and more difficult for me to enjoy my weekdays, even my nights at home. To make matters worse, "Chief" the most knowledgeable person in the Motor Pool left at the end of the week to attend his Advanced Warrant Officer Course in Aberdeen, MD. This means, like it or not, I'm in control of EVERYTHING now!
This wouldn't be so bad if my only responsibility was managing the maintenance aspects of the Squadron, but last week I was assigned some additional duties that are taking up a bulk of my time each day. Officially, I'm the Squadron's RESET and Environmental Quality Officer, as well as my company's Hazardous Material and Safety Officer. RESET focuses on making sure that all the equipment we took to Iraq is cleaning, repaired or exchanged; however, I can't really list all the responsibilities of the EQO because I haven't even taken the certification course yet. I'll do that for a few days next week. The last two aren't too difficult, but also entail certification courses.
What makes all of these duties so tedious, and at times stressful, is that each Battalion/Squadron in the Brigade has to pass the Command Inspection Program, of which all of these duties are a part. This inspection takes place in April, so that means I have about 6 weeks to ensure that everyone in the Squadron (or my company) is a) aware of the standard we have to meet and b) has the time to do their part.
The most annoying part of this whole thing: it's just busy work! Are there any serious, tangible affects of my work that will lead to the success of the unit in future operations? Kind of, but now I am nothing more than a PowerPoint Ranger! That's one of the downsides of being an officer.
Take care!

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