Saturday, February 21, 2009

Thank You For YOUR Service

As a member of the military, I've gotten my fair share of "Thank you for your service" comments. It comes from close friends and family members, and even from random strangers who notice the uniform. While I don't mind getting these words of encouragement and appreciation, there are many times when I feel like it's undeserved, especially when there are thousands of other people who are doing just as much (if not more) than me; yet, going virtually unrecognized.
Such is the case for our friends the Osbornes. Rusty and Sara Osborne are a couple that Leslie and I have known for a number of years. Sara was Leslie's college roommate and closest friend during their time at CNC, while Rusty and I first met on the baseball field our freshman year. At present, Rusty and Sara, along with their two daughters, are living in Cameroon, Africa. Rusty is on a one-year teaching Fellowship at Cameroon Baptist Theological Seminary that began in August of last year. However, this is not their first time serving as missionaries, as both have expressed a strong desire in mission work for several years now. Rusty even proposed to Sara on a mission trip! Although they deeply miss their friends and family back here in the States, they have answered the greatest calling, and one that supercedes anything I might do in the Army.
Frankly, it's easy to answer the calling to serve in the U.S. military. For many, this career field is their best chance for stability; yet, serving for the sake of Christ is arguably the greatest challenge for any individual to endure. Because of their commitment and devotion to witnessing to unbelievers as well as growing and strengthening new believers, I would like to publicly thank them for THEIR service. God's love is great and so are those who answer the call to serve the Lord, wherever that might be.
If you would like to learn more about the Osbornes, visit their website at
Take care and please pray for the safety and influence of the Osborne family in Cameroon.

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Leslie said...

Well put, honey. I second that!