Thursday, November 6, 2008

Making A Difference

Although I stated a while back that I wasn't going to be political in this blog, and this continues to be a goal I aspire to adhere to; however, now that our country has officially spoken, I feel it only necessary to acknowledge the reality of our future.
As stated by many a political pundit, academician, elected official and so on, our country is in the midst of tumultuous times and there is no end in sight. President-elect Obama has been elected to the highest office in the world in one of the most critical times in our nation's history. Like him or not, there are a plethora of vital issues he must deal with immediately upon taking the oath of office. Some of you hope he succeeds in turning the country back around, while others hope he fails miserably. Regardless of your political affiliation and preference, I think one thing remains clear....YOU can make a difference.
Forget the fact that our Constitution is structured in such a way that the public elects individuals to represent them in all levels of government. Instead, focus on what you as an individual can do in your local communities, churches, schools, organizations. It's in these areas that you can make the kind of impact that changes the way our world operates. Whatever your important political issues, don't think for one second that by simply voting you have done your part. If you focus on social issues, concentrate your time and energy in finding ways to spread your message WITH LOVE. If your issues are something like energy or the environment, find ways to spread the message of conservation in those areas. All too often, we feel that we have stood up for what is right simply by taking a few minutes (or in some cases, hours) to cast our vote for a candidate who supports our interests and feel we've made a contribution. In short, this approach is a cop-out. If you feel strongly about these issues, don't stop at the voting booth, There are so many more ways for you to make a difference on your own, rather than waiting for elected officials to enact legislation.
For me, this election isn't about making history via race, age, gender, or the like. This election has shown me that the only way to make a difference is to get up off your seat and do it yourself. No one individual is going to change the world FOR you. Only YOU can do that.
Take care.

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