Saturday, March 7, 2009

You'll Always Be Home Sweet Home To Me

Before delving into The Way of the Wild Heart, I wanted to post a quick story about a great trip I took with my childhood friend Freight train. When I first moved to Jefferson City in 1988, Train was one of the first people I've met, and through thick and thin, we've remained good friends ever since.

Recently, the two of us did an overnighter up in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Although we didn't get very far into the Park on Saturday, we quickly set up camp and try to build a fire. Despite the mounds of wood we'd collected, it was all too wet to burn; however, I managed to spot a downed tree that was covering a dry patch of dry deadwood and some tinder. We got enough of a fire going to cook our hot dogs, but that was about it. With our bellies warmed from the food, we hit the sack for the night.

We spent most of Sunday hiking all the way up to Thunderhead Mountain, where the Appalachian Trail runs right along the NC/TN border. Not only does this trail have a magnificent view, but it also houses some beloved UT history. The second peak of Thunderhead Mountain just so happens to be ROCKY TOP!!! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Train and I took our passion for the Volunteers to new heights (pun intended) and below is our tribute to the Big Orange.

The only person I know that's topped this is Train's mother-in-law, who hoofed a Banjo up to Rocky Top and play the greatest fight song in the country while sitting on its hallowed grounds!

Hope you enjoyed. Take care.

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