Friday, January 23, 2009

Going Out To Dine-In

One annoying aspect of being a officer is that most senior leadership love to get together after hours and watch their subordinates get hazed and make complete fools of themselves. In particular, most units have a Dining-In ceremony upon returning from a deployment to "celebrate" their successes and the fact that they made it back alive. However, if you're like me and don't like to socialize with co-workers after hours, you look at this more as an obligation than a "celebration." For those of you who might think I'm being a little cynical, below are some of the festivities included in tonight's event.
We poor about 10 different alcoholic beverages together in a big bowl to be consumed by all the "drinkers" in attendance, perform skits to poke fun at each other, and sing songs to which we hardly know the words. Although we will be receiving our combat spurs, it's done in a hazing, condescending manner. It probably wouldn't be so bad if this were optional, but when you're FORCED to be there and to make matters worse, WE HAVE TO PAY TO GO!!!
I spent most of my college years in a fraternity, so I've experienced my fair share of hazing; however, I was 19 years old and didn't have a beautiful wife at home who I'd rather be spending time with. When you're closing in on the big 30, it's not as exciting and fun. Just hope I don't get my dress uniformed ruined tonight!
Please pray for me!
Take care.

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