Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Bargain Shoppers

For those of you who know Leslie and I, we're not the kind of people who have to go out and buy the newest versions of stuff. Frankly, we try to be very modest in our possessions and this is simply a result of the way we were raised. When it comes to household furniture and appliances, we are pretty meticulous about making a new purchase and are willing to wait for the right deal to come our way. Well, the week was the culmination of a few big purchase items and I'd like to share them with you.
About a year before we got married, Leslie's parents gave us a nice cherry wood four post bed frame for us to use when we tied the knot. However, Leslie already had a bed frame, so I was the lucky recipient of this family heirloom. Since I didn't have a mattress or box spring to go with the bed frame, I went out and bought the most expensive one I could afford, for about $250. If you know anything about mattresses, that amount of money is practically chump change for a queen size. Yet, my beautiful bride and I spent the first 4 1/2 years of our marriage on this old mattress...until last Tuesday. After much research, we came across a nice Simmons BeautyRest mattress for less than $600!
Our next big purchase was a new computer. To make a long story short, my grad school computer tanked right before I left Iraq and Leslie was using a computer her parents bought her in 2000! Once again, we did our research and got a great HP computer for less than $500. I have to credit my dad, the ultimate electronic bargain shopper, for his guidance and expertise in all things technological.
Lastly, I upgraded my favorite musical instrument, the acoustic guitar. My wonderful mother bought me a good, inexpensive guitar in college. After our union, Les brought to our household possessions a guitar she bought in college as well; however, mine had a lot more miles on it. So, I'd been switching back and forth between them for the past several years. I'm not saying that I plan on starting a band or anything of the sort, but should the need ever arise for me to have an acoustic/electric guitar, I wanted to be prepared. On Sunday, Les and I stopped by a Guitar Center store in Nashville, and it just so happened they had a SLIGHTLY damaged Yamaha acoustic/electric guitar for just $110! It was about a $150 markdown, so I ceased on this bargain and plan to sell the two I have to offset the cost.
I hope this post isn't seen as too "materialist" or even a holier than thou, thumbing of the nose at those of you who take pride in our possessions. My only intent is to show just how God has blessed our family during these times of economic unrest. None of this was put on credit (all cash baby), but it wouldn't have been done without patience and diligence. Thanks be to God for the provision!
Take care.

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