Monday, April 27, 2009


Ok, I made a little mistake with regard to my synopsis of each chapter...I skipped Ch. 5! Oh well, thankfully Wade has kept on track and provided us with an idea of Eldredge's message.
Another good aspect of the book is that one chapter deals with the stage, while the succeeding chapter focuses on "raising" him while in that stage. Rather than discuss what I read last night in Ch. 7, I'll just respond to what my good friend wrote.
When thinking about doing something EPIC, sometimes it can be a life changing experience, or possibly the changing of a lifestyle. Going back to why I joined the Army, I have to admit that there was a commingling of several different reasons. First off, I felt conviction. After all, I was of age, physically fit and possessed a strong desire to serve in the public realm. Also, I'd been sitting in a classroom learning and debating the various aspects of what was referred to at the time as Global War on Terror (GWOT) and was ready to play an active role. However, there were some "opportunistic" reasons that also played a factor. With public service in mind, I knew that veterans receive preference when applying for federal jobs, so it was a good way of getting "a foot in the door." Also, if any of you know my history, in the past I've expressed an interest in running for public office, and again being a veteran is definitely a plus. HOWEVER, what I have experienced throughout my time in the service has been the exact opposite of what "planned." I no longer have a desire to run for office and working for the Feds isn't that appealing to me anymore. During this time "in the wilderness" I have begun LISTENING to God and seeking His will for my life. My selfish ambition has finally taken a backseat to God's will and a focus on serving him and others in another capacity has emerged. Honestly, I don't know where it's going to take me after my time is up; but just like Wade, I have a passion for the profound and am beginning to seek out ways that I can find the godly fulfillment in life that He wants men to have. Oddly enough, this doesn't mean going on another journey somewhere else, since Les and I plan on moving back to Knoxville. I still want to finish school and get the coveted "Post hole Digger", and we want to be close to our family and friends. Yet, something is stirring and I'm trying my best to listen to God and seek the counsel of godly men.
I encourage those of you men who are feeling that same desire inside of you to make a concerted effort to spend time in communication with God and find out what he's trying to tell you. Also, talk with important men in your lives and get their advice on what you should do. Taking these two steps will ensure that you're making the right decision and the Lord will comfort and ease the hearts of loved ones who might be a little skeptical of your idea. Don't give up and remember Phillipians 4:13, "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength."
Take care.


[w] said...

This seems to be where you and I were connected before the separation surgery. :)

How many times have we talked about our desire to serve, our need to feel that we're part of something in God's order, while fulfilling some part of our personal desires?!?! Some people will say, just get out there and do it, but I always ask: what's the "it?" To me, I'm out there serving and leading everyday (like you but w/o the 'uni' and commitment). We spend our time praying and looking for our "it."

The waiting sometimes seems like agony. But the journey during the wait is part of the process that God will bring us to completion through. Oh the irony!! So maybe, just maybe, that's why he has us on the journey together. You're the other guy in the waiting room of the auto repair shop flipping thru magazines and waiting to get his car to go do some other task. :)

JC said...

AMEN, Brother! It seems like every day brings about another "idea" or potential path I could go down, but then it seems to fade away. I can think of 100 things I think I would like to do, but I never know if it's what God wants me to do, or if it's even possible. I feel like I'm making a concerted effort to "search" and "listen" but come up empty. Can I not see the forest because of the trees???