Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Long Road to War

Ok, so we're starting to get to the main reason that I created the blog... the deployment. Getting to this point in the process has been long, at times mundane, but things are bound to be eventful in the near future.
For those of you interested in the flight process, I can't divulge much information, other than to say that the itinerary is tumultuous and everchanging, and there is still no guarantee that I will even be on it! However, I was able to spend much of this week with my family who drove over for some last minute time together. Moreover, my beautiful wife Leslie and I were able to spend our wedding anniversary together for the first time in three years. So, I have been blessed with some pre-departure quality time and am very thankful that the Lord provided us all with time to say our temporary goodbyes.
My hope throughout this journey is to provide my readers with a well-rounded understanding of what it is like to be an American, a Soldier, and a Christian in the midst of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Obviously there will be some, maybe many, things that I will not be at liberty to discuss; but to the best of my ability I will try to provide an objective, in other words a truly Fair and Balanced, opinion of life in a war zone.
Please feel free to leave comments, questions, disagreements and the like should you so choose. Pending my departure in the very near future, I should be able to write my post from somewhere in the Middle East!!!
Take care 'til then.


Anonymous said...

We're all praying for you Jesse! I really look forward to reading your take on the whole situation. More than anything else...BE SAFE. Don't let your guard down. Keep the body armor on--no matter how hot you get. Remember what you learned when you played for the JCHS Patriots: keep your hat strapped on and keep your head on a swivel!
This Independence Day will no doubt carry different meaning to you and those of us who love you. Please know that you are on our minds and in our prayers. Thanks Jesse, you really are a Patriot.

Baby Ace said...

Thought I would write to let you know that you got another reader. Any word on departure date? By the way this is my first blog post I feel awfully hy-tek.

Our Princess said...

We're praying for you (& Leslie as you're away)!