Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Double Entrendre (Sort of)

For those of you not familiar with the great state of Tennessee, or with me, here's a little background information about my blog name.
Tennessee has always been known for having such a large portion of its citizens volunteering to fight in virtually every war the United States has been engaged in since its inception. Below is a link to more information about those who have gone before me and whom I hope to emulate during my tenure in the Armed Forces.
On a similar note, because I grew up near Knoxville and the University of Tennessee, I've been inundated with the Big Orange Volunteer culture. What is more, since my post-graduate education comes from the school, I have a deep affection for the school and proudly proclaim my allegiance and loyalty as a member of their Alumni.
However, being an alumn from the University does not make one a real volunteer. This right is reserved for those who helped give the school its name. Not to knock those University Vols, because part of being a product of the University is what drives me to serve my country and my state and I am very grateful for many opportunities that have been offered to me by being both an Army and University volunteer.