Thursday, August 4, 2011

Got My Orders

After a few weeks of medical tests and evaluations, and several more weeks of waiting for the Army bureaucracy to cut my orders, I'm now back on the deployment roster and scheduled to return to Fort Dix, NJ on 9 Aug. Although I'm not sure how much training I have left, I don't expect to be there more than a few weeks before heading over to Afghanistan. The last word I received from my unit was that each team is supposed to push out to their supporting units this week, so hopefully I won't be too far behind them.
Although I have been blessed with a unique and unexpected opportunity to spend a couple of months with friends and family, I haven't been able to shake the fact that my unit is over there and I'm not. Since I've been home, each morning I have thanked God for being with my family; however, I have prayed for the day I rejoin my military family down range. Not knowing when it will come, and getting ever so frustrated with the process of getting medically cleared to rejoin them, I truly feel a peace about my situation. Les and I have continuously prepared for this moment and, despite the fact that we are going to be apart for such a long time, we are comforted in knowing that God will reunite us again in the near future.
To all of you that have prayed for and supported us during this time of uncertainty, we are truly grateful. Now, we ask for your continued prayers for us during this time of separation. My return to active duty has been long overdue, but hopefully it will be my last!

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