Thursday, June 2, 2011

I'm A No-Go

In a post last week, I mentioned that my thyroid disease might hinder my ability to deploy. Despite lab results coming back normal last week, the doctors decided to have another test done this week, in hopes of confirming that my levels were back to normal. Today, my worst fears came to life when they told me that lab results showed severe hypothyroidism. On a regular basis, a person's TSH level (don't ask me what they means) ranges between .34 and 5.6. Currently, mine are at 15. As a result, I have been recommended for REFRAD (release from active duty).
As previously stated, I have felt a strong conviction to go on another deployment and I believe I have been following God's will for my life up to this point. However, unless the highest ranking Army medical officer at Fort Dix gives me a waiver to deploy, I will be released from active duty and sent home to recover and get my body back to normal. The only problem is, my body probably won't ever be back to normal! Sure my levels might begin to normalize, but the chances of having an extended period of time with normal levels is highly unlikely, especially when participating in such intensive combat training (which, by the way, I've been able to complete without any problem!).
Although I firmly believe my life is always in God's hands, up to this point I've done pretty much all I can do and will await the final decision. I will continue to keep everyone abreast of the situation. Please just pray for peace, comfort and strength, regardless of the outcome. God is great and so is his will. All I can do now is conform to it.


Phil Breedlove said...

Praying for you, man. Hang in there.

JoAnn (Lester) McCullough said...

Praying for you all. We do know that things happen for a reason but we don't always know why until much later. I agree with you, we are willing to go where God wants us. BUt, as you said, maybe that's the commitment and then God closes doors. We experienced that a long time ago. We felt calling to mission field but after 4 years of Air Force and then seminary, we felt that door close. We sincerely believe God was just wanting us to keep our eyes on him during that time and then doors closed and new doors open.
I've had interesting health experience with thyroid. Nothing like yours appear to be. That's another long story for another day.
Just remember...things happen for a reason and one day we might know but we keep on keeping on...