Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Countdown

I'm sure many of you think the countdown to fatherhood began many moons ago, and to a point I agree with you. However, with the recent news from Leslie's doctor, it has now become a very, very real countdown.
"I'm not going to let you go past next Friday," Maj. Gerber announced to Leslie at her appointment last Wednesday. "Either you'll go on your own before then, or we'll induce; but, it will need to be before the 19th." When she said that, it began to sink in that I was only days away from being a father. Shock? Anxiety? Excitement? What exactly was it that I was feeling? Honestly, it was a multitude of emotions; yet, none of them made me the slightest bit uncertain about this awesome new stage of life I'm about to enter.
Now that Leslie has finished her last day of work at Austin Peay (this past Friday), it's going to give her some down time to soak in her final days without a child. I think these days of rest and relaxation will be all her body needs to trigger the start of the birthing process and catapult us into the organized chaos that is parenthood. We are both very excited and ever mindful of the beauty and love that our Father has shown us.
With regard to informing our friends and family, we will both do our best to let everyone know what is going on and when. Lord willing, everything will work out and we'll have our newest addition home by the end of next week! Thanks to all for your prayers and support over the past several months and we can't wait to share our great news with you in the days to come.
Take care and Happy Holidays!

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