Friday, December 26, 2008

'Tis The Season...To Be Lazy!!!

I know it's kind of unlike me to go over 20 days without posting, but the laziness of the holiday season has managed to dissipate, not only my desire to exercise, but also my desire to do something as easy as type a "public email update." My apologies to all three of you (if there's even that many) who have been checking my blog almost everyday this month, but I just decided to take it easy!
However, if you are wondering how the trip to Europe with the wife was, please check her blog ( as she has been more motivated to post about the many wonderful sights we saw and the food we ate. Don't ask me where she's getting the energy to do this, as we've both been sitting on the couch most of the holiday break; but it looks like she was on the laptop doing something productive while I was taking catnaps.
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas holiday and already have your New Year's Resolution list taped to the fridge!
Happy Holidays and take care.

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Anonymous said...

Okay you've been lazy long enough. Time to post something new.